Tired of eating the SAME BLAND MEALS? Well let’s switch things up a bit! I will be providing healthy recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. There will also be quick 30 minutes and less meals provided to accommodate those who are always busy and have little to no time to prep. All ingredients of course can be substituted to fit your needs whether it is simply preference or allergies. Most people stop eating healthy meals because of using the same exact recipes for extended periods of time and it gets boring. I’m here to help you stay healthy and enthused your entire fitness journey!

I am definitely not a chef or been to culinary school. My experience of cooking has simply come from cooking over the last 10+ years. The first time I cooked for myself I had to stand in a chair to see on top of the stove. I still love to cook so instead of this blog seeming like a hassle, it really just seems like documenting my daily life in some sort. I am open minded and know I am LOTS of room to improve on my craft, with that being said I do not mind the critiquing and tips from others through the comments. I will be making a separate Instagram account to provide clips of me preparing these meals.


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