Leave bottled water ALONE!

Now I know a lot of you out there love bottled water, whether it is spring water, purified, alkaline, etc. But let’s be honest here, do you REALLY think that is the best water out here? Personally I think the best water for you is right out the faucet (unless you’re in an area tainted... Continue Reading →

Sweet & Smokey Chicken Breast

Sweet & Smokey Chicken w/ white rice I am a huge fan of SPICE. So if you’re into deep, smokey and spicy flavors, this is for you. This is a good recipe for you fitness enthusiasts who meal prep and just want to switch things up just a little. Now this recipe is nothing extremely... Continue Reading →

20 Minute Mexican Rice

You can't properly enjoy your Taco Tuesday without Mexican rice. This is the perfect side for every Taco Tuesday, but the best part, it only takes 20 minutes to make. Also, has very minimal ingredients. Ingredients Taco Seasoning (packet) Rice Salt Pepper Olive oil Rotel (1 can) Water Lightly coat skillet with olive oil Sautee... Continue Reading →

Shrimp Stuffed w/ Crabmeat

Gotta good recipe for a date night or special occasion, and even better, cheaper than going out to a restaurant. This would cost you about $30+ PER MEAL when you can make this at home for about $15-$20. This meal can be made in less than an hour too! Not complicated at all. Throw in... Continue Reading →

Cooking with CG coming soon…..!

New series coming soon on YouTube! On this channel, I will be making the recipes posted. So if you're not into reading and need visual instructions, I'm coming to make life easier. Will also feature my series: Make It Vegetarian, in which I'll be taking your favorite snacks/meals and making the healthier and vegetarian alternative.... Continue Reading →

QUICK HOMEMADE Italian Style Pizza Dough

If you're tired of ordering pizza and burning up your pockets, this recipe will definitely help you out. Very minimal ingredients and cost efficient. This recipe takes about 5 minutes (if you have a blender) but if you don't have a blender it'll only take about 10 minutes honestly. I didn't have a blender and... Continue Reading →

BUDGET Veggie Burger! (Literally)

I know a lot of people who are around my age group, which means have tight budgets! With that being said, here is a recipe for you to make not only a delicious burger, but also one very pocket friendly. This recipe was about $7 (compared to veggie burger 4 pks which are $6.48). Using... Continue Reading →

Fat Burning Tip of the Day!

It's almost that time to hit the beach and lay out in the sand. Do you need help with obtaining that dream beach bod? Well here's a couple ways to help you out a little bit. COFFEE: Drink a cup off coffee or two before 45-60 minutes prior to working out. In a small group... Continue Reading →

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