I think I found the most perfect/oddest salad combination…

Now over the years I’ve made possibly thousands of salads with different combinations. Especially working in a restaurant, you’d be surprised at what people want on a salad. I have started back meal prepping so I do not consume so much food at work. I am really trying to watch my daily portions. With meal prepping and watching your portions, I feel like salads are mandatory AT SOME POINT. Salads are healthy meals you can express your creativity, but also show people how weird your tastebuds are. With this being said, I think I have a weird combination here BUT I love it. I have no idea how it meshed but it did. I swear it was just random and ate it over a lunch break and fell in love. Of course I will drop a picture for you guys:

So for one, this is a homemade salad blend (1 head of lettuce and 3 pack of romaine lettuce). This salad gets odd with the toppings. If you do not use toppings on your salads, I highly recommend you give it a try. This can easily change up the flavor profile and will be way more enjoyable than lettuce and your favorite salad dressing. This salad has candied pecans, dried cranberries, French fried onions, strawberry vinaigrette, and some baked chicken. I do NOT like pecans, but these right here are a delicacy. I know you guys may be like who comes up with this, this sounds nasty, etc. but let me tell you, this salad was DELICIOUS. I still do not understand how. The strawberry vinaigrette actually compliments the French fried onions. Guys, you HAVE to try this. Let me know your thoughts and tell me if it is good or if it is just me having weird tastebuds. I’m out of salad mix right, so I can’t make me one right now. Stay Khaotic my friends ❤️

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