Fitness problems during the pandemic…

It has been a good minute since I’ve posted, I know. This pandemic has really changed so much now and it is just way more intense than I originally thought. Our lives are clearly not the same anymore (if you’re being responsible that is). But over this small journey I’ve realized how difficult it has been to really stay focused in the gym and achieve goals. This pandemic has taught me a lot about myself and others. Not all of this is bad, BUT of course I have to be honest.

FOCUS is really the key now when in the gym. I know, I know, you may be saying I’ve been focused/in my zone, etc which is good but it takes even more focus now (for me especially) when I’m in the gym. It will amaze you how many people out there that DO NOT, and I repeat DO NOT have gym etiquette. I’ve seen so many people just walk around, use equipment all over the gym, and NOT sanitize the equipment after use. This throws me off a bit because at one point, the gym was our safe haven. When in the gym, outside problems in life simply did not matter anymore, so with that being said, we took care of our gym to the best of our abilities. We put more effort into re-racking weights and cleaning equipment. Now even though there are some people out there who never take gym sanitation serious, I can definitely admit one thing. Planet Fitness here has done an amazing job with cleaning equipment and sanitation in general. This is not a promo, it is just the truth. Also, people not wearing masks can throw me off here and there. Now on a positive note, if you are focused enough to even step in the gym during these times, give yourself a pat on the back because not only do we have our own daily life problems, but now we have a problem we HAVE to deal with regardless on top of that.

OVERALL, I honestly do not have that much of a problem keeping focus. I know a lot of people who really struggle with the mask deal. I can easily understand how the mask can get you off track at times because that mask actually does make that workout session HARDER. I have to work with 2 masks (surgical mask on top of KN95) 5 days a week for 8 hours, so I know personally how it can make things a little more difficult. The trick for this to wear a fabric/cotton mask (not the best kinds but it is better than not wearing one at all). These help with the breathing a lot unlike, KN95 or surgical masks. I have multiple different masks for different occasions, but my go to mask for the gym is a Marvel Comics fabric mask I got after I had to get a COVID test. Works like a charm. I literally went in the gym today with a surgical mask on and almost passed out. If you don’t have any, there are a bunch of video tutorials on making these masks out of a t-shirt.

I’ve been seeing a lot of people say how they wanted to eat better during these times and failed miserably. There’s still time to work on that diet. I have not been cooking AS MUCH during the pandemic but when I have, I’ve been doing some very creative and different type meals. This is the perfect time to learn or just simply get better at cooking. I recommended downloading the Yummly app and just scrolling through the different food categories. You will definitely find something healthy and I just say go grocery shopping for the ingredients. Doing this, you may find your new favorite snack or meal. Now if you have been eating healthy but it is getting boring, go on the Yummly app as well. Find some things that are colorful or from a different culture to switch up the looks and flavors. There are so many dishes out there with your favorite ingredients, but they may just look better than those drabby chicken and rice meal preps you’ve been making. Just give it a shot.

I know it has been a while since I have posted, but guess what, WE’RE BACK. STAY KHAOTIC MY FRIENDS!

It is still a difficult time out here but just make the best out of it. Might as well enjoy a crappy time in life.

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