Since I’ve gotten into running, I’ve learned a lot. One thing for certain I’ve learned is everything takes time, be patient. Running is a very fun and therapeutic activity for me. I think about a lot of things such as: my brand, myself, future goals/plans. One of the plans I thought of was to start a running club. You can join this run club via Nike Run Club. I created this club to build a community of runners, where we can feed off of each other’s accomplishments. In this, you can see EVERYONE’s mileage. You may be a beginner and see someone who may average 25 miles a week, use that as motivation. Be patient, work your way up, and eventually pass the leader in total mileage. I feel like this will be a good experience for runners and build friendships over time. One day, hopefully, I can sign us up for a huge running event and we all compete as a TEAM. It’s completely free to join. I will host challenges in the future and giveaways for your accomplishments. Again, I feel like this will be a wonderful experience for runners. You’ll also have access to training programs to help improve your performance down the road.

How to Join

  1. Download Nike Run Club via App Store
  2. Setup/Login with Nike Account
  3. Go to search
  4. Type in Team Khaotic (picture of logo below)
  5. Request to join

Looking forward to you guys joining and helping me to grow Khaotic Fitness. Stay Khaotic my friends ❤️

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