Leave bottled water ALONE!

Now I know a lot of you out there love bottled water, whether it is spring water, purified, alkaline, etc. But let’s be honest here, do you REALLY think that is the best water out here? Personally I think the best water for you is right out the faucet (unless you’re in an area tainted water). For years, I have been anti-bottled water. Not only for the environment, but also because I cannot put enough trust in people I do not know to supply me with good, quality water. In any huge industry where a lot of money is involved, you will of course have shady, money hungry individuals here and there. Eventually in this post I’ll get into how to increase you water consumption.

Laws Regarding Bottled Water

Quite frankly, there is not many. Since social media has blown up this matter, there may be “more enforcement” in this industry but I’m sure some still slip through the cracks. A couple years ago, bottled water was not even TESTED for safe consumption. Anyone could have really started their own water company and made bank if they made it to corporate shelves. Not only was the water not tested, but companies did not even have to disclose where they got this water from. So companies did not have to test the water OR disclose where it came from and people still did not care? Crazy huh. I discovered this information from Conspiracy Theories when I was younger. Ever since that episode, I vowed to NEVER drink bottled water again. Why wasn’t the water tested you may ask? Simply because bottled water was regulated as a food (which does not require testing). I’m sure a lot of companies took advantage of this loophole for sure to save a little money.

After becoming aware of these loopholes and lack of laws, I drank water straight from the faucet. With no problem at that. To this day, I will buy a gallon of water, empty it, and refill it with tap. Now some water conditions in the world, this would not be safe. I was born and raised in Mississippi and I honestly feel that the tap water in the MS Delta is the best water (ignore the color). All of the vitamins and minerals from the water has to be something special. We have some mutants in Mississippi. Look at all of the athletes Mississippi produces ANNUALLY. The numbers are outstanding. In 2016, Mississippi is second to Washington D.C. for top birth states for pro athletes. Bleacher Report also had them at #6 for star power in pro sports. So I’m sticking with Mississippi tap water SPECIFICALLY for the best water to have, but faucet water in general is your best option. Tap water is better for the environment and better for your wallet. If you do not trust the water, just purchase you a good ole’ purifier from your local Walmart. I will drop some Amazon links down below if you think they would be cheaper. Now, on to how to increase your water consumption.

I know a lot of people who struggle with their water intake. I do too at times but only when I don’t have a gallon jug. The EASIEST way to increase your intake is to simply drink water. The best way to accomplish this though is to grab your favorite bottle or cup and take it with you everywhere. I literally mean everywhere. When you first grab it, fill it up with water. This method will easily make your intake increase simply because I’m sure everyone has that special bottle/cup they automatically look for when they get thirsty. Once you drink it all up, keep refilling it and take note of how many times you’ve had to refill. The “healthy amount” per day is supposed to be roughly half a gallon. I try to drink a half gallon to a full gallon each day. It is kind of difficult in the winter time, but I still manage to get it done. If you can crush a half gallon in the colder months, you can definitely kill a gallon on the daily in the summer months. Start giving yourself small rewards when you get to half a gallon. If you drink a half gallon of water EVERY DAY for an ENTIRE week then reward yourself to a soda or some Starbucks. This will keep you motivated in the process. Now this is the end of my long rant on water and ways to increase your water intake.

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