Fat Burning Tip of the Day!

It’s almost that time to hit the beach and lay out in the sand. Do you need help with obtaining that dream beach bod? Well here’s a couple ways to help you out a little bit.

  • COFFEE: Drink a cup off coffee or two before 45-60 minutes prior to working out. In a small group project, it is proven that this will almost double to triple the amount of fat you may typically burn in a workout session. These cups of coffee will boost your metabolic rate up to 13%, but this depends on the strength of your coffee. If you’re a fan of coffee give it a shot!
  • FASTED CARDIO (NO WATER/FOOD): Your metabolic rate peaks in the morning to early afternoon. If you want to burn fat, this is the perfect time do some cardio. Best method is to wake up and after doing daily hygiene, go for a jog and eat breakfast AFTERWARDS. This method will also almost double the amount of fat you will burn in your normal cardio routine. This is something we did in Army Basic Training but I did not realize this was why. We always did our exercise and endurance training BEFORE breakfast, starting at 0500 every morning. If you’re an early bird, you might as well give this a shot if this fits into your schedule. If it fits into your schedule and you’re not an early bird, then get tf up and try it! By the way, you can do whatever cardio routine you normally do, it does not always have to be a light jog. If you take your hydration seriously, this should not be a problem but keep water with/near you in case you need it. If you NEED water, do not chug it all. Drink in moderation to get you through your session. As I said, if you are serious on hydration and drink a gallon a day, you will be fine even though this is fasted. REMEMBER: stretch really good beforehand. Give it a shot and #StayKHAOTIC!

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