What’s Coming Up?

Online Store for Merchandise

The merchandise store is coming VERY SOON. It’s coming way sooner than you may be anticipating. I will also provide a little bonus for a limited time after the launch so stay tuned. My merchandise range from apparel to summer essentials since it’s almost that time. Keep up with live updates via website and social media so you don’t miss out on limited offers! The link will be provided under the SHOP tab in the menu and through social media profiles (Instagram, Twitter, etc.)

Online Training Programs

I am currently working on online training programs that will be provided through the website and social media profiles. It’s almost summer so I know everybody is on the quest for the beach bod. Don’t worry, that will be coming very soon also. I will provide programs for trying to gain muscle, slim down, and other various programs that will be specified for particular training groups (athletes, military, endurance, etc.) These programs will be very affordable but most importantly help you accomplish your goals. After i provide these programs and none of them meet your needs, contact me via social media/email so I can make one specifically for you.

Online Cookbooks

I will still provide recipes on the website here but these books will contain various recipes that have not made the home page. Also, these will be affordable and once again help you reach your goals. I will be releasing multiple cookbooks for various groups such as: non-vegetarians, vegetarians, college students, etc. I will also be giving tips in these cookbooks to help you be able to shop for the ingredients you’ll need but for reasonable prices to meet your budget.

Stay alert for these releases via social media and the website. If you have any questions you can always contact me. All of contact information will be provided in this post below. The intentions behind all of these releases are to help people reach their goals without going broke. I’m open to help anyone whether it is as a whole or individually. Remember to #StayKHAOTIC!

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