Diet Sodas are not “better” for you…..

One common unhealthy habit people have is drinking sodas. When people want to be healthier, they use diet sodas as a “healthier” alternative. Little do they know, the consumption diet sodas increases your chances of Type 2 diabetes, stroke, high blood pressure, heart disease, and chronic kidney disease.

Some factors are proven through research while others are somewhat effected by preexisting factors that a person may already have. Diet sodas are high in phosphorus, so this increase in acid takes a toll on the kidneys.

Daily lifestyle choices and excessive intake of diet sodas can also effect the risk probability of these diseases and disorders. Then again, some of these disorders can go away or be more controllable if you make healthier choice throughout the day whether it is diet, exercise, and water consumption.

BUT, two good things that are good about diet sodas:

  • Do not cause tooth decay
  • Have little to no calories (does not mean you will not still gain)



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