Pescatarianism is NOT a religion….

What is Pescatarianism?

Pescatarianism is where one follows a diet of eating fish/seafood, eggs, and dairy products, but not other animals. Following this diet you can still be classified as a vegetarian along with other diet plans such as: Vegan, Lacto-Vegetarian, Ovo-Vegetarian, Lacto-Ovo Vegetarian, and Pollotarian. Down below, I will classify these different levels. But again Pescatarianism IS NOT a religion!

Levels of Vegetarianism:

Vegan: DO NOT consume ANY meats or by products (eggs, dairy, honey, gelatin, etc.) of any sort. Also vegans avoid animal products (leather, wool, silk, etc.)

Lacto-Vegetarian: DO NOT consume ANY meats or eggs but CAN consume dairy products (milk, cheese, yogurt, etc.)

Ovo-Vegetarian: DO NOT consume red/white meats, fish, fowl, or dairy products. DO consume egg products

Lacto-Ovo Vegetarian: DO NOT consume any meats of any sort BUT they DO consume dairy and egg products

Pollotarian: ONLY consumes poultry and fowl as meat sources

Why did I become a Pescatarian?

I became a Pescatarian because I did not feel healthy with my diet no matter what changes I made to my meat source. EVERY time I ate, I felt bloated, sluggish, lazy, and just simply like crap. My meat sources were simply not digesting like they were supposed to, which also caused me lots of pain throughout the day. So I did research on the different levels of vegetarianism and chose Pescatarianism to start me off. April 5, 2019, will mark my 60 days of being Pescatarian and I honestly feel so much better than I was. I feel more energized throughout my day and no longer having that “heavy and bloated” feeling after my meals. If you may be experiencing these problems like I was, just give this diet a shot. It is not as bad as people may portray it to be. You will feel so much better and also be healthier. Also 90% of my recipes that are posted on my blog will be Pescatarian friendly. I plan to continue this diet for a longer time, may be for the rest of my life. Also with me being a cooking enthusiast, it helps me to get experience in the kitchen for healthier options of ingredients to put in meals. This is the best diet decision I have made so far in life. This diet and consuming a gallon of water a day has me feeling wonderful. Once again, if you are having these problems, try this out for 30 days to see if you like it!

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