Calves Won’t Grow?!?!

Calf growth is one of the more common things people deal with. Genetics do play a huge role is this so really it is either you have them or you have to work your ass off to get them. For the people who are dealing with this problem, I am here to help out!

As you know your calves are one of the most muscles doing your daily activities. They are very STUBBORN, I REPEAT, STUBBORN muscle to develop. With calves being the usual most used muscle throughout your day, they are accustomed to always having some sort of workout all day everyday. To EFFECTIVELY make them grow, even without the best genetics, calf raises are your workout of choice, BUT you have to take it up a notch. You have to crank up the weight tremendously. I do not have good calf genetics but I’m trying to make them grow. Every workout I have are ended with calf raises both seated and standing. Overtime I will upload progress pictures and training techniques through my journey. You will have to push yourself through this journey and be patient. Nothing happens overnight. Make sure to warm up before cranking up the weight to reduce injury probabilities. My warmup for both standing and seated calf raises are: 4 sets of 25 light weight but you want to go slow, feel the stretch and contraction of the muscle. Take your time, there is no rush during the warmup. If you want to add more sets then you can if needed. Foot placement also plays a big role in calf development but I will get into that on another day and provide examples.


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