Grapeseed Oil Over Olive Oil?

Do you use olive oil on the daily and did not know of a healthier alternative? Well maybe you should meet grapeseed oil. I know there are plenty of healthy alternatives of cooking oils out there, but this is my number 1 pick. Surpringly many people out there have not even heard of grapeseed oil. Grapeseed oil and olive oil are both VERY similar to each other, but grapeseed oil does not contain saturated fats and has a higher cooking temperature compared to olive oil. Also, grapeseed oil is basically “flavourless” so if you can still make those same dressings and vinaigrettes. I use grapeseed oil everyday in my meals especially to sauté vegetables. On the other hand, one thing that these two olive oils do have in common: they are both pricey. That’s expected though I mean because they are both healthy. If you are wanting to eliminate even a little more fat out of your diet, then this is your cooking oil of choice. Compared to olive oil, yes it will be a different taste in some recipes, definitely in olive oil based recipes. If you do not mind sacrificing a little taste and want less fat then this is the cooking oil for you. When using the recipes I provide on this blog you can use your preference of either olive oil or grapeseed oil. If you make the recipe with both (to compare) comment and let me know if there was a significant difference in the taste test between the two.

Fun Fact: Due to the huge amount of Vitamin E in Grapeseed Oil, it provides antioxidants for you skin.

Neither of these cooking oils are ideal for deep-frying because they are both too expensive and it would take A LOT of money to get the amount needed. WHEN PURCHASING THESE COOKING OILS ASK FOR GOOD RECOMMENDATIONS (FANCY LOOKING BOTTLE DOES NOT MEAN BETTER QUALITY). GRAPESEED OIL IS NOT A GOOD SUBSTITUTE FOR EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL.

Comment below your opinions and other things I may have missed or maybe said wrong in this comparison.

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