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I’m Rakeem Williams (aka CookieGrandson), owner of Khaotic Fitness. I’m a 21 year old fitness and culinary enthusiast. This blog will be showing off healthy meals, exercises, and tips and tricks that may help you throughout your journey. Also, I’m Pescatarian, but I’ll post recipes for non-vegan/vegetarian/pescatarian meals!

Also, along with recipes, I’ll be posting exercises with tips and tricks to get those GAINS. I first picked up a weight when I was in the fourth grade. I participated in a weight training class to learn the fundamentals of weightlifting. After learning the basics i began to lift seriously when I was 12. Ever since then, I have never stopped and it has always been my favorite hobby. I ended up attending Delta State University, majoring in Exercise Science with a minor in Allied Health. I then dropped out to join the Mississippi Army National Guard, where I then learned another branch of fitness that I had to adapt to. A year later, I decided to start my own brand which is now Khaotic Fitness.

I am certainly not the biggest, strongest, or fastest but I am definitely hard working. I have a passion for fitness than cannot be replaced with anything. This blog will show my journey as I continue to train hard to achieve my dream physique.

If you want to keep up via social media, go follow me:


Instagram: @cookiegrandson

Twitter: @CGBilzerian

Snapchat: @trippy_80

(Khaotic Fitness)

Instagram: @khaoticfitness

Twitter: @khaoticfitness

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