Is the “Keto” diet really worth it?

NO, unless recommended by a doctor, just no. The most popular diet in the United States, is not necessarily the best for you. Social media has glorified this diet for so long, but not everything you see on social media should be tried. Social media only talks about the good side of this diet, not... Continue Reading →


Since I’ve gotten into running, I’ve learned a lot. One thing for certain I’ve learned is everything takes time, be patient. Running is a very fun and therapeutic activity for me. I think about a lot of things such as: my brand, myself, future goals/plans. One of the plans I thought of was to start... Continue Reading →

The Pros of the Coronavirus

Now the motto for Khaotic Fitness is Consistency & Commitment. With this being said, this is the time to self reflect. What are your commitments? Have you started to put in action? Do you still not “have time”? These are questions you should be asking yourself during this time, I mean if you are quarantining.... Continue Reading →

Khaotic Blast Smoothie Recipe

Ingredients Handful of blueberries 2 strawberries 2 tbs of mango2 tbs of pineapple 1 banana 6oz almond milk (unsweetened) Combine all of these ingredients to make a refreshing smoothie after a workout. You can make ingredient substitutes if you want/need. Make this your own. I have more different recipes on the way soon. I really... Continue Reading →

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